Our original living trust was set up in 1994 by an out-of-town law firm.  Years have gone by, our family has grown, and our situations have changed.  We realized the original living trust was no longer reflecting our true needs and desires.  We wanted to have our living trust updated.

We approached a couple of law firms well known in the living trust/estate planning business in San Francisco.  To our surprise, both of them refused to take our case because modifying an existing living trust is more time consuming than drafting a new one.  They rather take on some simple, cookie cutter type of cases for a quick profit than spending hours to review our original living trust.

We were very fortunate to have come across Matthew O’Donnell & Associates.  They accepted our case and provided a restatement of our original living trust in a timely manner and incorporated all of our current needs and desires.  They put their clients’ interest ahead of their own.

— Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. – San Jose
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