After an extensive search for an estate planning attorney, my wife and I selected Matthew O’Donnell back in 1999, when our daughter was two years old.  We knew we needed to go through the process of establishing our estate plans including wills, medical directives, powers of attorney, and a living trust.  We found Matt to be knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and dedicated to helping us set in place proper planning instruments consistent with our wishes. 

Matt often says that estate planning is a process, not an event.  He practices this philosophy by keeping his clients abreast of changes in the tax and estate laws, and by encouraging periodic consultations to discuss life changes that may necessitate revisions to the original plans.  It is important to have access to professional advice when needed, and Matt’s Trust Protector Program is very helpful in this regard.  For a very reasonable annual fee, this program provides periodic seminars with guest speakers, document review and revisions, and consultation benefits. 

Over the years, we have worked with Matt to establish and keep our estate plans up-to-date.  Matt is extremely professional and caring, and we feel very confident that our estate plans meet our needs. 

We definitely would recommend Matthew O’Donnell and Associates to anyone seeking estate planning services.

— Ernie.W. Sunnyvale CA.
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