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How Tax Reform Will Impact You and Your Estate Planning
In December 2017, Congress passed and President Trump signed a sweeping tax reform bill commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The Need For Estate Planning
The 2012 Tax Act made several important revisions to the tax code that will affect estate planning for the foreseeable future.

Lifelong Trusts For Children
Whenever parents establish a Trust estate plan, they should consider including a “Lifelong Trust” for one or more of their children.

What Can A Certified Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Specialist Do For You?
Matthew C. O'Donnell is a certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and probate Law, awarded by the State of California Board of Legal Specialization

Before You Meet With Us
Here is a handy checklist of items to consider before coming in to see us here at O'Donnell & Associates.

Long Term Care Planning for Married Couples
An overview of things to consider going forward

Long Term care Planning for Single People
Options available for the single person

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